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Plate bending machines
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Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

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Bending machine operation often occurs between the layers of the phenomenon of slip

Bending machine due to slip results to strip the surface of the strip, especially on the surface quality requirements of high strip, such as stainless steel belt should pay special attention. Practice has shown that changing the oil supply pressure of the expansion cylinder during the unwinding and coiling can prevent a sudden drop in radial pressure from slipping and the slippage between the coils.
It should be noted that improperly changing the oil pressure of the expansion and compression hydraulic cylinders may cause the strip to slip. This should pay special attention to the actual production.
At present, most rolling mills use the same uncoated tension and coiling tension; use the same open and coiling expansion and expansion of the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic cylinder; also used in the coil between the liner and other methods to prevent slippage.

Two roller plate Steel bending machine