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Plate bending machines
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Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

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Plate rolling machine needs careful maintenance to extend the life

In the automatic rolling machine, the motor is the core part, is the power output of the whole machine. The running state of the motor will directly affect the quality of automatic rolling machine working state. In machine work, we must first listen to the sound operation of the motor is normal, there is no abnormal noise or noise what. Then, to look carefully at whether there is a large motor vibration, and the usual case compared to what is different. At the same time also should pay attention to the drive motor in the operation process of the machine and the overall co-ordination is coordinated. In addition, the current size and change is normal. The motor is spoiled, so the motor around whether there is dirt, whether there is water need to be timely observation and treatment.