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Plate bending machines
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Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

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Design of Transmission System for Plate Bending Machine

The use of the plate bending machine roller is the main roller, the main motor through the main reducer and coupling, which led to the roller work, the role of the roller is to provide a certain upward force, together with the roller clamping steel plate, so that Between the upper roll and the rolled steel plate to produce sufficient friction between the rotation of the upper roller can drive steel plate movement. The curvature required for the two side rollers to form the roll allows the sheet to achieve the desired purpose.
This four-roll plate bending machine designed by our company the main motor through the main reducer and coupling, which led to the rotation of the roller. And the movement of the lower roller I put a hydraulic cylinder at both ends of the lower roller, through the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic oil on the piston so that the lower roller can achieve the up and down movements, in order to clamp the steel plate, with the hydraulic system to control the next The lifting and lowering of the rollers and the simultaneous rise of the two cylinders during the ascending process.
Two side rollers are provided on both sides of the lower roll, and two side rollers are driven by two motors by two single stage reducers and couplings, respectively; two motors can be individually controlled or simultaneously controlled by two side rollers Can be tilted along the rack rails, through the screw die worm gear worm drive.