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Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Roll bender

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Rolling process of the universal steel plate rolling machine

Rolling process of the steel plate rolling machine
1. Connect the power supply to the steel plate rolling machine.
2. Input the diameter of the rolled piece, the width of the plate, the thickness of the roll plate, the end curve of the roll. The program accounting calculates the horizontal displacement X, the upper roll down Y1-Y4 and the idler adjustment H, and inputs the results to the coordinates of the result X\Y2 (NO1) and Y3 (NO.2). The input methods are detailed in electrical instructions, and the preset knobs are placed in ON state.
3. adjust the back position of the roller according to the movement of the roller.             
4. to the lubrication of sufficient lubricating oil, lubricating oil in the reducer and inverted position. (can also be manually operated according to the following steps)                  
5. according to the following methods:
(1): put into the board, the material;
(2): the upper roll level moves to the -X position, down to the Y1 position; the lower roll reverses, so that the steel plate is formed to the forming position.
(3): the lower roll side is rotating, and the upper roller is pressed down.
(4): the upper roller to Y2 position stop, the lower roller continuous positive rotation,Sometimes we used diamond saw blade;
(5): stop at the end of the plate, stop the Y3 under the upper roll and prebend directly to the end of the plate.           
(6): the upper roll elevate Y2- a, move the +X position horizontally, press down the same position Y2, and the lower roller is turning.
(7): stop at the end of the plate, stop the Y3 position under the upper roll and prebend directly to the end of the plate.
(8): the upper roll is moved to X=0, press down to the Y4 position, the lower roll is positive and reverse, and compensates the bending.

The equipment head plate's straight edge is 2-2.5 times the thickness of the drum diamond saw blade, if high precision, can be through other devices (such as compressor oil etc.) head or cutting straight edge after welding round the school. The above is a kind of coiling method, and the customer can roll the plate according to his skillful method. 

Steel plate rolling machine

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